has been my go-to website for seeing a variety of Deadrise boats for sale. Last week it went off-line and I was thinking well maybe it’s a minor issue and it will come back.

After a few days, no and it became obvious to me that it’s done. I’m a Deadrise owner, and I’m also in the business of making websites.

So, I’ve launched this site. I’m based out of Baltimore. My boat was purchased from a gentleman on the Rappahanock in Virginia. It’s a 37ft wood Deadrise that was restored in 2007 to a high-quality finish. It has a 3208 Cat delivering about 300hp. I love the boat, and this website is my way to pay tribute to the Deadrise and provide a forum for others who are passionate about the Deadrise boat to share their perspective, sell boats and find resources.

I hope you like this site and use it. There is no charge for using the site (I costs me something like $10/month). It’s secure and your information will always be private.

I have a DeadriseMarket Store where you can buy a t-shirt or a hat. I’ve also have links to Amazon. I’m a huge fan of Amazon and if you buy something from my links, I’ll get a referral fee. I’m thinking if I get a few bucks a month, that’s awesome. So – please buy your Rotella or boots, or anything from to help support us. If you have products you buy that I should add to the site, please let me know. You can email me the link to Amazon at or post a comment here.

I’m going to use this blog to share my photos, and experiences. I look forward to hearing from you about your experiences.

All the best,

Rich Wiklund
Captain, Merryman (Formerly Anita Mae)
USCG Doc. No.: 580552
Baltimore, MD


5 thoughts on “The loss of Deadrise4sale launches

  1. Jeff Ferguson says:

    glad i found this….i was a fan of deadrise4sale i listed a boat on that site and it sold in three days. nothing more beautiful then a deadrise. How do I purchase a tee shirt? thanks and good luck with the site!!

  2. Bob hill says:

    I am saddened that deadrise4sale is no more.

  3. Jeb Brown says:


    I live on the Coast of NC. I also was a fan of and deadrise’s for that fact. I daydream about owning one but for now I love to window shop. Thank you very much for putting up this site.


  4. Doug DuVall says:

    You have done a great job with your site !

  5. Glad you put this great site together. I also enjoyed deadrise4sale. Keep up the great work, please!

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